Bahrain, Arabian Gulf


  • Dock nº 1 (graving) - 375 m x 75 m, draft 8.5m (9m below chart datum)
  • Dock nº 2 (floating ) - 252 m x 44 m, max vessel size 120,000 dwt
  • Dock nº 3 (floating) - 227 m x 40 m, max vessel size 80,000 dwt


  • Twin slipways for up to 4 vessels, max vessel size approx. 15,000 dwt, draft up to 4.5 meters
  • Dry Berth Length: 255m
  • Rail Span: 8m
  • Load Capacity: 5,000 tonnes


  • The yard has a total of 15 cranes as outlined below:
  • 2 rail cranes at Dock 1 (Drydock) with a capacity of 100 tonnes and 15 tonnes respectively.
  • 6 rail cranes at Dock 1 & 2 (floating docks) with a capacity of 12 tonnes each.
  • 2 rail cranes at Jetty No. 1 with a capacity of 15 tonnes each.
  • 1 rail crane at Jetty No. 2 with a capacity of 15 tonnes.
  • 2 crawler cranes with a capacity of 80 tonnes each.
  • 1 floating crane with a capacity of 200 tonnes.
  • 2 rail cranes at the Quay wall with a capacity of 30 tonnes each


  • 16 alongside repair jetties and berths, with a total length of approximately 5,000m.


ASRY’s (ArabShipbuilding & Repair Yard) core business is ship repair. It was established as a dedicated ship repair yard in 1977 and has repaired over 3,500 ships since then. With its leading variety of facilities, including a graving dock, two floating docks, two slipways and 5.1km of alongside berth space, ASRY is capable of accommodating nearly every size and configuration of ship in the world. It hasrepaired some of the largest and most complicated vessels currently afloat.With a catalogue of specialist workshops, suppliers and on-site sub-contractors, ASRY’s one-stop-shop credentials are more comprehensive than other regional yards.

Most experienced yard in the region

Having been established in 1977, ASRY is the most experienced marine repair facility in theArabian Gulf, with the efficiency and reliability only time and experience can bring.

Most varied facilities in the region

ASRY’s variety of facilities, from graving dock to floating dock, to slipways, to 5.1km of alongside berth space, means maximum flexibility in accommodating ship schedules.

Largest catalogue of contractors in the region

Every specialist workshop, classification society and major repair sub-contractor has an on-site presence at ASRY so that any repair requirements can be met without delay.

Quickest turnaround times in the region 

Bahrain’s business-friendly trade policies mean that importing parts and labour is much quicker and more efficient than regional yards, meaning faster turnaround times for all repair projects.

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