Setubal, Portugal


  • Dock no 20 - 420 m x 75 m, draft 4.6 m
  • Dock no 21 - 450 m x 75 m, draft 7.6 m
  • Dock no 22 - 350 m x 55 m, draft 7.6 m


  • Dock no 31 - 280 m x 39 m, draft 5.1 m
  • Dock no 32 - 280 m x 39 m, draft 5.1 m
  • Dock no 33 - 280 m x 39 m, draft 5.1 m

        9 Repair berths, total length 1400 m, draft 6.6 m

        Lifting Equipment - 20 Travelling Cranes (up to 100 t) and 1 Gantry Crane (500 t) over Docks no 20 and 21.
        The yard occupies an area of 1,500,000 m2.


LISNAVE ESTALEIROS NAVAIS S.A. is one of the world’s leading ship repair companies. LISNAVE is ideally located for vessels trading or passing through the Atlantic and Mediterranean waters and offers a global range of services for vessels of all sizes. Tank and gas cleaning services are located at Eco-Oil, one Kilometer from the yard.

LISNAVE diversity of dock sizes (three panamax hydrolift docks and three large size docks up to VLCC) allows flexibility in solutions to accommodate simultaneously several units both large and small. Known for its large tanker repair capabilities, Lisnave has from the start of the company been repairing the world’s largest tankers (Suezmax to ULCC). Market dynamics has led over the years to a diversification of types and sizes of ships repaired today at Lisnave’s Shipyard. The repair and docking projects range from small to large tankers,bulkers and container carriers, as also LNG carriers. Many sophisticated dredging, cruise and offshore units are calling Lisnave to carry out maintenance and repair dockings.

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