Fujian Huadong

Huadong, China


  • Dock nº 1 - 295 m x 50 m
  • Dock nº 2 - 375 m x 72 m
  • Dock nº 3 - 245 m x 41.8 m


  • Total 1,300 m with 6 berths


  • Gantry cranes 100T & 150T, several jib cranes 25 to 50T, trailer 100T


Fujian Huadong Shipyard lies to the north coast of Fujian Luoyuan Bay, which is the most ideal deep-water shelter port in mainland China, opposite the northern Taiwan strait and in the proximity of the major port terminals of Luoyan, Kemen & Ningde. Surrounded by mountains, Luoyuan Bay has a water area of about 200 square kilometers and offers incomparable advantages, such as deep & calm water, broad expanse, gentle water-flow, mud free & ice free conditions. It is now one of the key deep-water port areas in Fujian Province. The natural condition and the location advantages provided by its geographical position are quite favorable for the shipyard to extend the safest and most convenient ship repairing service to vessels home and abroad.

The shipyard covers an area of about 700,000 sq.meters and has a deep-water shoreline of about 2,250 m. It is the only repair facility along the South China coast between Shanghai-Zhoushan and Hong Kong. The nearest large city is Fuzhou, which has frequent flights from Shanghai and Singapore.

1st phase project of the shipyard comprises: three graving docks for vessels up to U/VLCC size, a slipway with a capacity of 50,000DWT, repair pier of about 1,300 m with 6 berths (a 310-m berth will be built for the 2nd phase project), workshops of about 50,000 sq. meters (more are expected to be constructed for the 2nd phase project) and supporting production facilities & equipment.

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