Altinova - Yalova, Turkey
Founded in 2005 and occupying over 140.000 m2 of land for newbuilding, repair-maintenance and conversion, Sefine Shipyard is one of the leading establishments in Yalova region with over 2000 yard employees, including subcontractor personnel.

The shipyard is able to undertake ship repair services up to 90.000 DWT on its Post-Panamax size graving dock and up to 120.000 DWT on its Aframax size floating dock.

On the other hand, Sefine has the technical ability and physical capacity to perform new building of various types of ships, such as General Cargo Vessels, Double Ended Car&Passenger Ferries, Offshore Vessels, Search&Rescue Boats, AHTs, Tug Boats and Live Fish Carriers.
  • Dock nº 1 - 240 m x 42 m (Graving/Post Panamax)
  • Dock nº 2 - 282 m x 47 m (Floating/Aframax)
  • Total length - 1600 m
  • 160 m x 60 m up to 40.000 dwt
  • Dock nº 1 - Jib crane 40T at 35 m; Tower crane 15 T
  • Dock nº 2 - 15 T x 2
  • Repair berths - Jib crane 35 T at 35 m x 2; Tower crane 15 T
  • Slipway - Gantry crane 2 x 200 T
  • The yard offers all types of ship repair and conversion services, including BWTS and SOx scrubber retrofits, tank coating, piping, machinery , electrical, automation and steel repairs.