Daishan Changtu, Zhoushan - China

Jinhai Shipyard (Zhoushan) Co., Ltd, is a subsidiary of Jinhai Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, founded in Sept. 2005. Since 2009, JinHai Heavy Industry belongs to HaiNan Airline Logistics (HNA Logistics), itself a member company of the powerful HNA group (www.hnagroup.com), which is active in various business sectors, through HNA Aviation (HaiNan Airlines), HNA Holdings, HNA Capital, HNA Tourism and HNA Logistics.

Jinhai Shipyard (Zhoushan) Co., Ltd, which falls under HNA Logistics, was developed on the basis of the new-building facility of Daishan Changtu Island, which is fully equipped, well designed and with an excellent geographical position for repairs & conversions of vessels, including offshore projects.

Location wise, JinHai is: Adjacent to the major cities of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo. Close to the Shanghai Yangshan International Port & Zhoushan-Ningbo International Port. On the Main Eastern Navigation Channel to enter Zhoushan (Region Opened). Within one hour to reach to the Joint Inspection Anchorage “Xiushan Dong”.

  • Dock nº 2 - 400 m x 80 m
  • Dock nº 3 - 240 m x 40 m
  • Pier nº 1 - 650 m
  • Pier nº 2 - 562 m
  • Dock nº 2 - Gantry 300Tx2; luffing 150Tx2 & 100Tx1
  • Dock nº 3 - Gantry 300Tx1; luffing 150Tx2
  • Pier nº 1 - Luffing 50Tx2 & 25Tx2
  • Pier nº 2 - Luffing 50Tx1 & 25Tx2
  • Cherry pickers 40 sets, 300T flat trailer
  • With background in newbuildings, JINHAI is much better equipped than the average repair yard, aimed at undertaking the majority of mechanical and electrical repairs in-house, including turbocharger and governor overhauls.
  • Automation repairs are also carried out in-house, as well as chemical cleaning and galvanizing of pipes.