Tamba, Florida, USA

Gulf Marine Repair (GMR), a Hendry Marine Industries Company, is a 50-acre waterfront facility within the Ybor channel in Tampa, Florida. GMR services include four drydocks, six berths, four tugboats, five track cranes, fully equipped machine shops, pipe shop, prefabrication and fabrication facilities, electrical shop, and blasting/painting facilities. Another key advantage is GMR's ability to perform on-site gas freeing, butterworthing, marine lead paint and asbestos abatement.

  • Dock nº 1 ("The Pride") - 70.1 m x 18.3 m (230' x 60')
  • Dock nº 2 ("The F.M. Hendry") - 79.2 m x 16.4 m (260' x 54')
  • Dock nº 3 ("The A.W. Hendry") - 97.5 m x 21.0 m (320' x 69')
  • Dock nº 4 ("The Scotia ") - 182.8 m x 31.0 m (600' x 102')
  • Total six (6) berths of aggregate max. length 1297 m.
  • Floating Barge Crane – 100T
  • Manitowac Crawler Crane – 175T
  • American Crawler Crane – 210T
  • Kobelco Crawler Crane – 1 x 160T, 1 x 200T, 1 x 250T
  • Assorted Mobile Cranes – 20T-30T
  • Ship repairs, conversions and modifications, including steel renewal & fabrication, sandblasting, UHP & paining, crane service, pipe repair, marine electricians, aluminium & steel welding, diesel repair, tank cleaning & gas freeing, NDT testing, insulation and joiner.
  • Marine services, site remediation, brokered waste and wastewater services, including gas-freeing and butterworthing, slop services, marine lead paint and asbestos abatement, non-hazardous waste transportation and disposal, industrial tank cleaning, vessel cleaning