Dakar, Senegal, West Africa

DAKARNAVE shipyard is a full service ship repair facility strategically located in the Port of Dakar, Senegal, on the West Coast of Africa.

DAKARNAVE has capacity to repair over 200 vessels per annum, from fishing trawlers to Panamax size vessels.

DAKARNAVE is an affiliated company of LISNAVE INTERNACIONAL SA, itself a member of the Portuguese group LISNAVE – ESTALEIROS NAVAIS, one of the largest ship repair companies in the world and the leader in Europe. This partnership provides DAKARNAVEwith the necessary technical expertise and skilled labor force.

DAKARNAVE's expertise includes mechanical, electrical, steel, piping, refits, repairs and conversions. Surface preparation is an integral part of any drydocking and repair and for that DAKARNAVE has the necessary equipment to ensure paint applications are compliant with the highest paint manufacturer standards.

DAKARNAVE maintains sufficient steel and pipe stocks to meet normal demand.
Floating Dock
  • 235 x 38 m
  • Lifting Capacity 28.000 tonnes
  • Pit 7x6x2 meters
Graving Dock
  • 191 x 25 m
  • 4 docking platforms - maximum length 60 m
  • Lifting capacity 1200 tonnes
  • Mechanical works, including wear facing of mechanical components by welding, coating of parts by spray process etc.
  • Steel & pipe works by certified welders
  • With the cooperation of external sub-contractors, the shipyard has the requisite expertise and equipment to undertake all types of electrical work, including motor rewinding.
  • Hull blasting & painting, tank coating in controlled atmosphere etc.