CAPPS Vessgard™ is a 100% solid, rapid set polymeric compound, spray-applied by specialist equipment developed for this purpose by CAPPS in a single coat of high DFT (0.5 to 3 mm or higher).

Vessgard™ was primarily developed for the long term protection of cargo holds from highly abrasive cargoes and by extension, through a lower DFT variant, the Vessgard EXT, for the protection of top sides and main deck areas, including piping (externally) and deck fittings in general.

Vessgard™ has been introduced to newbuilding yards in Korea (notably HHI) with emphasis on internal pipe coating applications, as an alternative to rubber or epoxy coating, particularly for the SW cooling pipes in the E/R but also the ballast system, especially in areas subjected to rapid wear from erosion attack, such as immediately downstream of the ballast pumps.

A dedicated pipe coating plant is being set-up in Korea to handle the production.
The Science of Vessgard™
3 Principle Chemical Properties - ACE in short!
  • Adhesion - as high as 4300 psi, a performance unrivalled by any conventional systems. No corrosion under creep beneath the coating film - the most common problem and cause of conventional coating failur
  • Cohesion - this allows 100% encapsulation and protection of steel surfaces that have suffered severe pitting due to corrosion prior to Vessgard™ application
  • Elongation - elongation levels of 25% provide flexibility and coating integrity. Vessgard™ moves with the ship structures without cracking in service, thus eliminating the most common cause of coating breakdown
  • 3 Principle Resistance Characteristics
    • Impact - due to its elongation and flexibility can absorb the energy build-up
    • Pressure - can resist pressure with almost no loss of DFT or breakdown
    • Abrasion - resists lamination and as it ages becomes even harder and resistant to the most abrasive cargoes
    3 Operational Characteristics
    • Cleaning - will prevent any penetration from cargo bi-products and provide a surface that will enable fast and efficient cleaning of any aggregate, mineral or chemical cargo
    • Cargo Slide - provides an improved surface for cargo slide making the unloading process more efficient
    • Temperature - thermostable to 120ºC.
    • Classification Society Recognition
    • FDA Regulation Approval
    Vessgard™ broke new ground with manual roller/brush application, for the long term internal protection of SW pipes in the E/R, which were partly dismantled for maintenance and coated, as far as accessible, during vessel immobilization for routine drydocking and repairs. This eliminates the time and cost of mobilizing the specialist spray equipment to the location of the ship repair yard and results in a quick turnaround time to suit the vessel's schedule.